Body Love Project


The Body Love Project actually began as a personal project for myself, back in November, 2016. I will openly admit I have struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade, amongst other body image issues. Photography and self-portraiture has genuinely helped me overcome many of my body confidence issues that I thought I would never get over. Being in front of the camera, instead of behind the lens, felt incredibly liberating and soon my self-consciousness began to wash away after each self-portrait photoshoot. I began to learn to love my body for all of it's strengths, rather than it's flaws, which was incredibly hard after such a long time of neglecting my body and health!

If such a wonderfully positive project could influence me so powerfully, I wondered what kind of effect it may have on other women experiencing similar body issues? And so thus began the Body Love Project officially, open to ALL women living in Melbourne.  

And this is what the The Body Love Project is all about. Photographing authentic women, sharing their journey, and inspiring others. This project aims to celebrate women and their beauty. We are not a number on a scale, a dress size, and our beauty isn't even based on a reflection in the mirror. We are worth far more than this. We are even more powerful when we share the strengths of our bodies, and especially when we raise each other higher. 

For 10 years I have photographed women of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and in every photoshoot I have one important philosophy; to ensure that every woman feels like an absolute goddess during photoshoots. We all deserve to feel special and beautiful! 

I am truly honoured to be able to capture the essence of people's radiant personalities and to share this journey with such courageous women. I know all too well that it may be a little daunting to be in front of a camera, but I always ensure that all my photoshoots are filled with fun and laughter. Together we can capture your gorgeous smile and focus on what really matters most - wholeheartedly celebrating your body, for all of it's scars, quirks, and all that makes you so incredibly YOU.