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The Professional Retouch & Makeover Collection includes 60 Photoshop Actions.

All actions have been carefully created to suit all types of photography. They are designed to enhance overall quality, and have a whimsical style which has been Sarah's trademark for many years.

Inspired by romantic colours, warm afternoon light, and colors of the seasons, these photoshop actions will bring your photographs to life. As an added bonus, the collection also includes personal retouch and makeover actions used by Whimsical Dreams Photography, and help make editing a breeze for you. 

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The Collection includes:

Retouch Base Collection:*

Elegant Base (Essentials) 
Classic Sweet Base (Soft) 
Luminous Base (Bright) 
Gentle Matte Base (Dreamy) 
Melodrama Base (Rich)

Color Collection:*

Magic Color (Smooth & Soft) 
Romance Color (Warm & Glow) 
Sweet Color Pop (Warm Color) 
Vivid Color (Bright & Clear) 
Wintertime Color (Matte) 
Summetime Color (Matte)

Workflow Enhancers:

Auto Histogram
Fix Exposure
Gentle Contrast
Soft Low Contrast
Brighten Shadows
Make It Pop
Mute Whites
Soft Spotlight
Subtle Soft Vignette

Film Collection:

Film Color (Light & Matte) 
Minolta Camera (Soft Matte) 
Disposable Film (Cool & Soft) 
35mm Film (Warm Matte) 
Extra: B/W Film

Wonderful Matte Collection:

Classic Matte
Whimsy Matte
Sweet Matte
Lovely Matte

Seasonal Enhancers:

Earthy Tones (6 Natural Tones) 
Autumn Tones (5 Autumn Colors) 
Sunny Tone (Soft & Warm)

Brush Tools:

Clarity Brush
Dodge/Burn Brush
Vibrant Color Brush
Red Neutraliser Brush
Flat Tone Brush
Light Brush
Honey Haze Brush

Beauty Brush Collection

Beautify Skin (Smooth & Soft) 
Flawless Skin (Model Perfect) 
Glowy Skin Brush (Warm Glow) 
Blemish Eraser (Clear Skin) 
Soft Skin Tone (Peach) 
Sparkling Eyes Brush (Eye Pop) 
Kissable Lips (Lip Colors & Balms)
Pearly Whites (Teeth Brightening) 
Contour Kit (Natural Colors) 
Highlighter Kit (Stunning Glow) 
Blushing Brush (Cheek Color) 
Lush Hair Kit (Shine)

Vintage Collection:

Classic Vintage (Perfect Color) 
Lovely Vintage (Dreamy Haze) 
Deluxe Vintage (Rich Color) 
Subtle Vintage (Less Color)

Bonus Actions

Sharpen / Clarity
Smooth / Denoise
Resize & Sharpen for Web 960px

This Collection was created using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

Model Stock Credit Lia from Liancary Art.