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The Original Whimsical Collection contains 30 Photoshop Actions.

All actions have been carefully created to suit all types of photography. They are designed to enhance overall quality, and have a whimsical style which has been Sarah's trademark for many years.

Inspired by the colours of summer, earthy tones, and soft light, these Photoshop Actions will bring your photographs to life.

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Workflow Enhancers

* Make it pop
* Soft Contrast
* Soft Low Contrast
* Let there be light
* Improve exposure
* Give it some detail
* Fix Shadows
* Fix Highlights
* Simple color boost
* Subtle Spot-light
* Soft Vignette
* Vignette Faded
* Sharp Focus

Tone Enhancers

* Simply Sweet
* Earthy Tones
* Autumn Tones
* Natural (Forest green) 
* Melancholy
* Retro

Vintage Actions

* Vintage lighter - v2 Revamp
* Vintage darker - v2 Revamp
* Strong vintage (+spotlight)

Haze Colors

* Basic white
* Mauve (darker) 
* Violet whisper (lighter) 
* Sea
* Sepia
* Dawn
* Summer
* Retro haze

This Collection was created using Adobe Photoshop CS5.