Sarah A.


Written by Sarah A. 

When I first became a mother, I realised that my identity I had always known was suddenly gone. I was no longer Sarah, I was now Charlie's mum. Eventually, I felt like I was finding myself again, after had my second child. 18 months after my little girl was born, I became a single mum. I had gone from sharing the load, responsibility, duties and stresses of parenthood - to suddenly doing it on my own. I could feel myself slipping further and further away and I knew that in order to take care of my children, I needed to look after myself.

I started going to the gym, but I was comparing myself to women there. That was not healthy, so one day, I stood in front of the mirror and listed the qualities I liked about myself. The more I listed, the more I found. I continued to look for the positives until I felt comfortable within myself. I started dressing for myself and no one else. I developed my own style and I loved it.

When I had my photoshoot with Sarah, I was immediately put at ease by her gentle nature. She had the ability to make me feel like I had known her for a lot longer than a day. To some, a photoshoot of yourself may seem strange or vain, but it honestly gives you the chance to see yourself in the same beautiful way the world does. Thank you Sarah - it is a truly wonderful thing you're doing!


This is what the Body Love Project is all about. Photographing authentic women, sharing their journey, and inspiring others. This project aims to celebrate women and their beauty. We are not a number on a scale, a dress size, and our beauty isn't even based on a reflection in the mirror. We are worth far more than this. We are even more powerful when we share the strengths of our bodies, and especially when we raise each other higher.

Thank you so much Sarah, for getting involved with the Body Love Project, and for sharing your incredible journey! 

If you would like to be apart of the Body Love Project, please read the project details, and you can even book a session with me - just head over to "Book Your Photoshoot" in my main menu.

Sarah x